Where hygiene matters

At ST Extreme Cleaning are based in Brentwood, Essex and understand the importance of having a kitchen that is cleaned to an exceptionally high standard. Our kitchen deep cleaning service will leave your kitchen not only looking great but also thoroughly cleaned to a very high standard. Daily cleaning of a kitchen area is essential, and this will help you keep on top of cleanliness and health and safety. However, a deep clean is required periodically to make sure you are meeting health and safety requirements. This will not only help you maintain a fresh and clean kitchen environment, but it will keep you in check with food safety regulations, avoiding fines and other costly consequences.

Our highly trained and professional cleaning team will perform a kitchen deep clean at a time that causes minimal disruption to you. We can clean even the most awkward of areas using the most effective cleaning tools and techniques. High-level cleaning is easily performed by us using our specialist equipment. It is astonishing how far fat and grease can travel when operating in a busy kitchen. You will find it on high up fittings and windows as well as ground level. This build-up can cause fire risks, as well as provide the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria. We can swiftly remove this from all areas leaving it as good as new.

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ST Extreme Cleaning’s kitchen deep clean service will leave your kitchen floors and surfaces free of harmful bacteria for up to a year if a good daily cleaning process is in place. Having a kitchen that meets necessary requirements means you are at a lower risk of accidents. In the unlikely event of an accident occurring, you may have trouble with insurance if your kitchen is not compliant with regulations.
Our kitchen deep cleaning services include:

• Walls
• Flooring of all types
• Ceilings
• Shelving and ledges
• Hard surfaces
• Lighting fixtures
• Kitchen fittings
• Kitchen equipment
• Odour elimination
• Fat and grease removal
• Duct system cleaning


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